Alarms are devices that detect intruders within a certain area. Professional alarms usually function quite well. However, domestic alarms and especially wireless alarms,  are very easy to sabotage.

All alarms have an important disadvantage: thieves know they have a certain amount of time to carry out a robbery before the police arrive. In the majority of cases, that time is sufficient to take what they want to steal and flee

With Centinela, you will always know what has been stolen from you. When both systems work together, success is much more likely.




What do alarms offer?

Large marketing campaigns have managed to convince many people to trust in them. They offer wireless cameras, quick cable-free installation and sometimes a guard who arrives 15 minutes after the robbery.

What do alarms achieve?

It’s certain that they achieve very little. In case you didn’t know, all these devices can be easily destroyed from outside your home or business. When thieves enter a building, it is likely that the cameras have already been destroyed or covered over.

When the guard arrives, the thieves will already have left a while ago and the worst thing is that  YOU WILL NEVER RECOVER WHAT THEY’VE STOLEN FROM YOU  Therefore, you will have wasted your money because the alarm doesn’t achieve anything.

What do sentinels achieve?

Firstly, you won’t have any obstacle or impediment stopping thieves from entering your home or business. In the majority of cases, you can install them yourself in 15 seconds and the most important part is IF YOU’RE ROBBED, YOU WILL RECOVER THE STOLEN OBJECTS QUICKLY.


Recovery of stolen objects.


You decide


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