CENTINELA has developed a system for locating electric shepherds .

Electric shepherds are a very common target for robberies. The problem for the farmer it is not just to purchase another one, but the animals can escape from the fences and damage other properties, or even worst, invading a road and take to a fatal accident. 

By installing our CENTINELA device dully adapted to the protection of electric shepherds, you will get the following:

  •  Knowing from the scratch that they are stealing it
  • Visualize the route the shepherd is taking
  •  In case of sinister, you will have a code that can be sent to the Police, them watching the itinerary of the thieves
  •  You can manage the sensitivity of your device to avoid false alarms
  • The shepherds will emit a coded signal (lantern type signal) that allows to track it. It does not matter where the thief has hidden it. Through your Smartphone you can track the signal and find it. It works inside and outside buildings, much more than just a GPS. Only us are offering such service. Through our GPS you will know where your shepherd is. Through our signal you will find it with 100% accuracy
  • You can reach the thief no matter where he is hidden
  • Our system uses GPS-a and can also locate your shepherd by using GSM telephone antennas
  • Every day we connect your device to be sure it is working properly
  • You can use shepherd batteries to charge it. Forget to charge it. No need

 Much more than a GPS (they do not work inside buildings). You will reach the thief´s home

We can install it or you can do so. It is very easy and keeps integrated with the rest of the shepherd machinery

In addition, it will be electronic marked. This way, you have an additional evidence to show to the Police you are the true owner

You can install it or send your shepherds to us and we will do it for free (you only pay shipping costs)

 We install it for free (just shipping costs)

Main features of our device are:
·  No need of charging batteries.
·  Coverage in all UE countries
·  Multi – operator telephone connection. It ensures always the best coverage.
·  Very discreet installation inside the shepherd
·  We offer our free application for your smartphone (Android and iOS) so you can follow the location of your shepherd
·  Several people can supervise one or several electric shepherds

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