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LocMyCar is the Centinela line designed to avoid vehicle theft

iconoloc1With LocMyCar, you will be able to locate your vehicle, whether it’s outside or inside a building. Even if it’s hidden in a private property, you will be able to determine where it is with your Smartphone.

Just by using your Smartphone, you will be able to locate your vehicle under any circumstances. Furthermore, LocMyCar will immediately warn you about the theft of your vehicle.

The combining of all the applied technology ensures that it is almost impossible to hide your vehicle. Remember that a GPS tracker is not sufficient.

You can install the technology in 10 minutes or you can place it in portable mode, hidden inside your vehicle.



Furthermore, this application will indicate where you have parked your vehicle. It enables you to employ parental control of the family vehicle and make an emergency call in the event of a traffic accident. Parental control.





Cost of the device 99 €
Telephone connection 7 €/month (Annual payment)

VAT and shipping not included


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